Curriculum Mapping for Integrated HIV Social Science, March 2015

Dr. Kathy Takayama, Director of Brown University’s Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, made a week-long visit to UCT in March, 2015 to work with MPH course convenors at UCT and other SASH-affiliated faculty in a series of detailed curriculum mapping exercises.  The goal of this work is to ensure coherence and integration of core courses for the new Social and Behavioural Sceiences track in the MPH curriculum, and for HIV social science teaching more broadly.  Dr. Takayama’s work with UCT faculty was initiated through a series of meetings with key personnel from UCT (Dr Chris Colvin) and Brown (Associate Dean for Public Health, Don Operario and Dr. Mark Lurie) in late 2014, and then carried forward through several virtual meetings with key players from both institutions.  During her visit, Dr. Takayama also conducted two training workshops for SASH Fellows and DSBS staff on Research Mentoring relationships and strategies, Peer Evaluation techniques, and Skills for Effective Presentation.

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