Alexandra Muller

SASH Fellow 2014 – 2015



Alex trained as a medical doctor and medical sociologist and is a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at UCT. Her current research interests include how sexual and gender minorities access their right to health, the impact of heteronormativity on health and health care, and health professional’s attitudes towards sexual and gender minorities. She teaches public health, sexual and gender minority health and sociology at UCT and the University of the Western Cape, and works on incorporating comprehensive gender and sexuality education into the medical curriculum.

Research Topic

 “HIV discourse, policy and services for lesbian, bisexual and gender non-conforming women in South Africa”, UCT HSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2014-2015) 

This qualitative study examines how sexual orientation and gender identity of lesbian, bisexual and gender non-conforming women shape their risk factors and prevention needs for HIV transmission. It uses an intersectional theoretical framework to analyse triangulated qualitative data collected in 2015/15.