Bey-Marrié Schmidt, MPH (Epid.), PhD Candidate

SASH Fellow 2016-2017


Bey 2

Bey-Marrié is trained as a social and medical anthropologist (Honours) and epidemiologist (Masters). She is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at the University of Cape Town. Her research interest is in synthesising evidence on public health interventions, as well as strengthening existing health information system platforms to improve monitoring of HIV-cascade-related services and management decision-making. She would like to be a leading scientist who is influential in developing and implementing strategies for improving health services and health service access, especially in relation to treatment and care of infectious diseases such as HIV.

Research Topic

“Harmonising routinely collected health information to improve health services: a case study of the HIV cascade for men in the Western Cape, South Africa ART adherence and expansion”

Bey-Marrié’s project contributes to ongoing research on vulnerable groups in terms of access, linkage and retention in HIV-cascade-related services. She aims to understand the possibilities for harmonising routine electronic HIV data for care givers to track, link and retain men in the cascade and for improving services. She will use three approaches: a retrospective cohort study that seeks to understand and characterise the performance of an existing HIV cascade; a qualitative study that seeks to examine the processes, promises and challenges for harmonising health information platforms and a systematic review that seeks to understand how technical interventions to RHIS can influence effective management decision-making.