Brian Kanyemba, Mphil

SASH Fellow 2016-2017



Brian Kanyemba is a trained psychologist and currently starting a PHD in epidemiology at the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at University of Cape Town. His research focuses on acceptability and adherence of Biomedical Prevention interventions (Oral and Topical Prep) among Key Populations in South Africa. )? Brian works as a Key Population researcher and write articles on biomedical research implementation with specific emphasis on oral and topical Prep. He will be using the SASH fellowship to gain more in-depth experience in different research methods and develop a specific scientific and advocacy agenda on implementation research.

Research Topic

 “From Willingness to Adequacy and Suitability of New Prevention Technologies: Acceptability of Biomedical Prevention interventions among Key Populations in South Africa”.

Brian’s project contributes to HIV prevention science by testing the efficiency of exploring whether Clinical Factors, Comorbidities, Treatment Competencies, Regimen Dosing and demographic characteristics influence adherence among Key Populations in HIV Prevention. Brian will use qualitative methods converging on focus groups, in- depth discussion with research participants currently enrolled in clinical trials and desktop surveys on existing clinical trials data.