Lario Viljoen, Masters in Sociology

SASH Fellow 2016-2017


Lario is currently a PhD candidate in the department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Stellenbosch University. She is interested in issues concerning gender and sexuality, and specifically how narratives around sex and love are informed by HIV and prevention methods advocated in communities. Lario is currently working as a Social Science Researcher at the Desmond Tutu TB Centre (Stellenbosch University). As part of her PhD she is conducting ethnographic-type fieldwork in the context of a major HIV-prevention trial. She is also working on a qualitative systemic review.  From the SASH program she hopes to find support in the shape of discussions with academics with similar interests, study guidance from more experienced research and the opportunity to develop the skills needed to become an established academic.

Research Topic

“Linking love and health: Social narratives of sex, intimacy and love in the context of universal testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS”.

She is interested in gender, power dynamics and narratives and how these issues relate to HIV prevention, specifically messaging around universal access to testing and treatment and treatment as prevention. Lario is primarily a qualitative researcher and will make use of various research methods including a qualitative systematic review, a narrative analysis of group discussions and in-depth ethnographic type research with a selection of participants over an extended time period.