Lindiswa Jan, MSocSci

SASH Fellow 2016-2017


Lindiswa is trained in Public Policy and Administration, International Relations and is currently an MSocSci finalist in Practical Anthropology at the University of Cape Town, with expected graduation in June 2016. Her current research interest area, and for her PhD, is black youth mental health, society and African history. In this regard, she is researching student social formations and other organizations as spaces of and/or for contestations of ideas for self-empowerment in South Africa. She intends to use the SASH program to enhance and expand her reading, writing, conferencing and teaching skills for personal and career development.

Research Topic

Provisional Question informing my research topic: “Is there a correlation between mental health breakdown in black students and the rise in student led social movements?”

Revised Provisional Title: “Mental health breakdown and Black Youth’s self-organized empowerment through social movements”.

Lindiswa’s research is intended to contribute to and supplement the popular discussions on the rise of black student political formations as possibly a consequence of mental health breakdown in black students. Thus, a contribution to the mental health policies and programs concerning the socio-economic and historical experiences of black students. She will use qualitative methods, particularly ethnographic, and archives in exploring student social movements as black youth’s self-empowerment tools.