Myrna van Pinxteren, MSc in Social Anthropology

SASH Fellow 2016-2017



Myrna is a PhD Candidate in the division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Public Health, UCT. Myrna is currently conducting research in the iALARM (Using Information to Align Services and Link and Retain Men in the HIV Cascade) project, focusing on improving the use of health care information among health care providers in the Klipfontein District in Cape Town. As a qualified journalist and anthropologist, Myrna’s research interests are focused around communication (technology) within health care and the practical use of medical anthropology in everyday life. As an emerging researcher, Myrna would like to use the SASH program to connect with accomplished academics and gain experience in academic writing, reviewing and publishing.

Research Topic

“Tracing the paper, following the people: An qualitative approach to tracking health care information in the Klipfontein District and developing health interventions that assist men to connect and retain in the HIV-Cascade

Myrna’s project will contribute to the linkage and retention of men in the HIV-Cascade by developing an intervention to streamline health care information systems. In her work, Myrna will apply a qualitative mixed methods study, whereby she will use methods such as interviews, focus groups, workshops and participant observation.