Namhla Sicwebu, MPH

SASH Fellow 2016-2017



 Namhla is currently doing her thesis and coursework. In terms of her thesis, she is doing a process evaluation of a caregiver-led child disclosure pilot programme that is being run by MSF at a clinic in Khayelitsha.  She is mainly interested in HIV positive adolescent and their psychosocial wellbeing within the context of “secrecy” and HIV stigma. 

Research Topic

I don’t have one yet. However I am doing a process evaluation of a pilot project. I am mainly looking at caregiver-led disclosure to HIV positive children. I have not finalized my research method. However, as I am doing a qualitative study, I believe that I will conduct semi-structured interviews, participant observation, and make use of secondary data by going through patient records at the clinic of interest.