Ntobeko Nywagi

SASH Fellow 2014-2015



Ntobeko earned a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Governance and Political Studies at the University of Cape Town (2003), an Honors Degree in Social Development at the University of Cape Town (2006), and is a candidate for a Master’s Degree in Women and Gender Studies at the University of the Western Cape (2014).  He has also received training relevant to HIV including Community leadership for leaders (Cuba, 2005); Training in quantitative and qualitative research methods (UCT, 2007); Monitoring and implementation of the Counsellor-delivered Intervention tool for an NIH collaborative project with Columbia University.

In his professional work as a researcher, he has worked as a Research and Development team leader in a study entitled: SMS-text adherence support study to explore whether SMS-text message adherence support for people with hypertension improves blood pressure control at 12 month follow-up as compare to usual care. This was a randomised parallel group trial conducted in a general outpatient department of a primary care community health Centre in Cape Town. He also worked as team leader in a study entitled: A structural intervention study to integrate reproductive health into HIV care services. This was conducted in 2 intervention and 2 control public sector health facilities in metropolitan Cape Town.