SASH Fellows are involved in a variety of research projects. See below for a further details regarding these research topics.

Alexandra Muller, Dr Med, SASH Fellow 2014 – 2015

“HIV discourse, policy and services for lesbian, bisexual and gender non-conforming women in South Africa”, UCT HSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2014-2015) 

This qualitative study examines how sexual orientation and gender identity of lesbian, bisexual and gender non-conforming women shape their risk factors and prevention needs for HIV transmission. It uses an intersectional theoretical framework to analyse triangulated qualitative data collected in 2015/15.

Alison Swartz, BSocSci, MPH, PhD Candidate, SASH Fellow 2014 – 2015

“’Coming of Age in Khayelitsha‘: Navigating threats and opportunities to health and wellbeing” (2014, SASH)

Alison’s PhD project explores the experiences of young people growing up in Town Two, Khayelitsha. This ethnographic project follows a small cohort of young people, looking at how they navigate and experience threats and opportunities to their health. Specific areas of enquiry include questions related to HIV, sexuality, violence, substance abuse and challenges to mental health.

Brendan Maughan-Brown, PhD, SASH Fellow 2013 – 2015

iLink (Incentives for Linkage to ART) Study: “A Mixed-methods Study to Improve Linkage to HIV Care.”  (2014-ongoing, NRF)

This pilot randomized controlled trial examines the feasibility and acceptability of a Conditional Economic Incentive (CEI) intervention to improve linkage to HIV treatment and care services. The incentive (a R300 voucher redeemable upon initiation of antiretroviral therapy within 3 months) will be tested among clients (18 years and older) of a mobile health clinic in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cal Volks. Director HIV/AIDS Inclusivity and Change Unit (HAICU) Cape Town, SASH fellow 2014 – 2015

(Research for programme evaluation not for degree purposes, NIH, SASH)

Our mixed method quasi experimental design randomized a control and intervention group  to examine the feasibility and acceptability of   a peer educational intervention to  teach about gender norms and bystander interventions to diminish gender based violence (GBV) and HIV transmission among South African Higher Education students.

Laura Pascoe, M.S., PhD Candidate, SASH Fellow Associate 2014 – 2015

“”Pillow Talk is Big Talk”: Gender dynamics in the negotiation of prevention and pleasure in Cape Town”, South Africa (2014-ongoing, UC Davis)

This PhD research examines the ways in which prevention and pleasure, particularly contraceptive use and negotiation and women’s sexual pleasure, are dictated by gender relations and (in)equality. Men and women across a range of socioeconomic, racial, religious, and educational backgrounds between the ages of 26-39 from the Cape Town area were interviewed. This research seeks to better understand how certain men and women are already finding gender equitable ways to negotiate these intimate spaces and moments within their own relationships, and how men can be better engaged with their own and their partner’s sexual and reproductive needs and desires.”

Lauren Paremoer, PhD (New School for Social Research), SASH Associate 2014 – 2015

My research examines the political and economic conditions under which membership in a political community trumps the market as the primary mechanism of social stratification and resource allocation in capitalist democracies. I am particularly interested in how this manifests in relation to demands for “health for all”.

Lindsey J Reynolds, MHS, PhD, SASH Associate 2014 – 2015 

“Experimental Communities: Global Health Research, Intervention and Social Transformation in South Africa” (2013-ongoing, NRF) 

The ethnographic study examines how categories of population, community, kin and family are constructed in the conduct of two large-scale global health research programs in South Africa. The project aims to explore the differing social dynamics, scientific processes and ethical dilemmas that shape and are shaped by the conduct of global health research and intervention. The research examines: (1) the ways in which ‘communities’ are defined in the protocols and procedures of the two programs; (2) the effects of these definitions on the production of scientific knowledge; and (3) the tensions that may arise between such definitions and everyday understandings and experiences of ‘community’ for those residing in the research sites.

Marlise Richter BA (Hons) MA LLM PhD, SASH Fellow 2014 – 2015

“Research with male and transgender sex workers in Cape Town, South Africa” (NIH, SASH)

Exploring the experiences of male and transgender sex workers and their understanding and construction of masculinities.

Megan Wainwright, PhD, MSc, Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2015

“New Pedagogies for Community Health Research” (2015, NRF, Norwegian Knowledge Centre)

DST-NRF Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowship. “The Costs and Dependencies of Long-Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT): Sensorial and Political-Economic Realities in Uruguay and South Africa” (2015-2017, NRF, Norwegian Knowledge Centre)

My pedagogical research primarily entails researching and evaluating student-learning and community impact of a research methods field school in Khayelitsha. I am looking closely at the role of visual methods for strengthening student learning and for promoting engaged scholarship.

Tim Shand, MPH, MA (Hons) SocSci, SASH Fellow 2014 – 2016

“Men’s Sexual Health/HIV Attitudes, Behaviours and Health-seeking in Malawi” (2014-2015, NIH, SASH, Scottish International Education Trust, Sonke Gender Justice)

This project explores the links between male gender norms, men’s attitudes and behaviours towards their own sexual health and HIV wellbeing and health-seeking, and men’s experiences of formal and informal health services in urban and rural areas of Malawi.  The research seeks to inform programmatic and policy responses on improving men’s own sexual/HIV health, for the benefit of themselves, women, children and the public health system.  Mixed methods employed, including a national household-based survey with men (18-59 years), qualitative interviews and focus group discussions with men, women, male clients, health service providers and key informants, and ethnographic observations at health services.

Vuyiseka Dubula- Majola ,Ph.D. candidate, MPhil, SASH Fellow 2014 – 2016

“Participation of people living with HIV/AIDS in policy developments in Khayelitsha and Lusikisiki (2013-2016, Ph.D scholarship funding from Irish AID)

Critically examines participation in policy development and implementation by people and social movements affected by HIV/AIDS in Khayelitsha and Lusikisiki, within a national context of dramatic changes in the balance of forces between 2004-2014, which led to AIDS treatment access breakthroughs (as well as challenges).

Zoe Duby, PHD Public Health, MPhil HIV/AIDS and Society, BAHons Social Anthropology, SASH Fellowship 2014 – 2015.

“Heterosexual Penile-Anal Intercourse and HIV in Five Sub-Saharan African Countries”

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