Zoe Duby

SASH Fellow 2014 – 2015


Zoe Nov2013

Zoe is currently a PhD candidate at UCT’s School of Public Health and a doctoral research fellow at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation. Zoe gained a BA with Honours in Social Anthropology at Sussex University in the UK, with a final dissertation focusing on the role of traditional healers in the HIV response in Africa. After travelling, and doing a stint working with various organisations in Nairobi, Zoe came to UCT to complete her MPhil at the department of Sociology; her master’s thesis was an exploratory study on heterosexual anal sex and HIV. Zoe’s PhD has taken up this same topic in much more depth, with data from 3 sub-studies being used in the PhD: the first of which was in collaboration with Family Health International in East Africa, exploring community perceptions to high risk behaviours, including anal sex. The second study from which Zoe’s PhD draws data is an on-going study conducted by the Microbicide Trial Network; with data on anal sex behaviour amongst former clinical trial participants from Zimbabwe, Uganda and South Africa, as well as rectal use of the study microbicide gel. The third study is smaller in scope, focusing on youth and adults from Masiphumelele community in Cape Town; exploring perceptions, attitudes and behaviours around sex and anal sex in particular. Zoe also has 5 years of experience in designing curricula for and conducting sensitisation trainings for health workers, focusing on ‘Key populations’ in Africa, namely men who have sex with men, sex workers and people who use drugs. Zoe has worked with a number of other NGOs, as well as with the Department of Health to conduct, evaluate and roll-out these trainings across South Africa and other countries on the continent.

Research Topic

“Heterosexual Penile-Anal Intercourse and HIV in Five Sub-Saharan African Countries”